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Allied Chain IT First Station

 As one of the few IT outsourcing service businesses with full range of IT service and implementation capacity in Shanghai. No matter it is for our own internal demand or for the rules of external business development, we welcome your joining in us and we welcome those who share the same ambitions and purposes to join in us and we are willing to provide you with our management, technology, resources and funds and strive together to become leaders in domestic IT service industry.

After joining, you will get:

Market Exploration Support
You have a certain amount of customer resources and combined with Suntech's method to explore the market, its survey and evaluation of local market, market exploration training and instruction and internet on-line propaganda, you will be only a few steps away from success.

Practice-based Process Management Support
Only strict management will lead to better service, higher internal working efficiency and efficient management of service teams. Suntech will integrate years of domestic localization IT service experiences with international ITIL management philosophy in order to reduce IT implementation risk and improve IT service quality.

Multi-field Technical Support
IT outsourcing service cannot be merely understood as fault solutions for computer network software and hardware. It should provide customers with comprehensive technical consultancy of IT service, only in this way can you develop a closer partnership with customers and stand out among so many IT service suppliers. Joining Suntech, you can provide customers with basic maintenance service of computer network and you can also fully support customers' IT service demand and explore new value-adding services with multiple IT field resources integrated by Suntech and its particular ability to develop customized software.

Brand Promotion Support

The certification, public praise and brand owned by Suntech will be a big boost for you to explore your IT service market.

Customer Resource Support

IT First Station, which is located in Shanghai, will share those customer resources from non-Shanghai region with our excellent allies.

Now it's only for first and second line cities.


We have to be responsible for you and hope with your choice to join us can bring you with benefits within the shortest time possible. IT outsourcing has developed for years in China, although the demand in first and second line cities is robust, after investigation, we found that the IT outsourcing industry in other small and medium cities still need to be cultivated.

Of course, you don't have to feel frustrated if you are now in less developed cities. We believe that every city has its own unique characteristics and if you are real entrepreneur with pioneer spirit, we are also willing to provide you with more support including favorable service joining and financial support. We believe that with your efforts and our support, you will obtain a stable long-term return and sense of achievement.

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