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Virtualized Technical Service

Virtualization technology can help enterprises to greatly enhance the flexibility and controllability of IT resources and reduce the complexity and total cost of IT architecture, providing enterprise IT customers with better services. Nowadays, there is an increasing number of enterprises which are reducing cost, increasing resource usage rate and data safety via virtualization technology.

Virtualization technology has helped most enterprises save millions of capital and enables customers to get more benefits:

• Reduce management cost? Virtualization technology can, through server integration, increase IT management efficiency, reduce the amount of physical resources that need to be managed, reveal part of the complexity of physical resources and realize the automation of load management, especially for those different loads whose average demand is far below what is needed for its particular resources. It can also enhance and simplify public management task by centralized management of control platforms.

•Higher flexibility? With virtualization technology, resource deployment and re-allocation can be done dynamically. Physical resources can be deleted, upgraded or modified without affecting customers so that it can meet forever changing business demand.

• Higher resource utilization rate and availability? Virtualization technology can realize virtual resource allocation which is far smaller or larger than individual physical resource and can also achieve dynamic sharing of physical resources and resource pool which will improve resource utilization rate.

• Improved safety? Virtualization technology can realize isolation and partition which are not available in simple sharing mechanism. These features can help achieve controllable and safe access to data and services. Meanwhile, without the problem of hardware and operating system, if collapsed, virtualized resources can recover more quickly than physical resources.

• Higher extensibility? Based on varied business demand, virtualization technology can adjust scale without changing physical resource deployment and can also increase and upgrade virtual resource servers in IT architecture, improving resource supply.

• Interoperability and investment protection? Virtualization technology can support public tools in multiple platforms and provide, with virtual resource, compatibility with all kinds of ports and protocols which bottom-level physical resources cannot realize so that existing IT assets of an enterprise can be brought into full play, realizing even less TCO.

In the competitive virtualization technology market, Virtual Iron, as a bright younger generation, has got much attention. Virtual Iron virtual software pack can support server integration, multiple windows management and can be applied to all kinds of operation systems. The software supports 128GB random access memory and 8 speed virtualization central process unit and can also shift 32 physical CPU to virtualized service platform. It can also provide functions like Live Provisioning of fast and automatical deployment virtual host computer and can reduce customer's requirement on physical deployment and management of virtual server software.  Meanwhile, when the workload is moved, it can also help eliminate the requirements of group documentation system. All these features have expanded the server's functions of live migration, error recovery and capacity management. Virtual Iron software has upgraded to version 4.2 and the newly added functions are as follows:
• Virtual System Real-time Snapshot
• Dynamic Expansion of Virtual Disk
• Support Multiple Ethernet Cards and Fiber Optical adapter
• Support Red hat Enterprise Linux 5
• Support Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10

IT First Station has provided virtualization server planning solutions for many customers and also installed the applications on site. IT First Station also provide training and post support service which help customers to master the usage of virtual servers in the shortest time possible. IT First Station has acquired precious utilization and maintenance experience through the hands-on work in the past. We hope that more and more customers can benefit from our expertise which will improve the utilization rate and controllability of corporate network resources.

IT First Station also provides enterprises with other IT services and solutions:

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