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Deployment of Domain Servers

As a matter of fact, the deployment of domain servers shall be the basis of IT management within an enterprise. However, a great majority of domestic small and medium enterprises still adopt simple network architecture which can not bring its function into full play even in domain servers.

The deployment of domain servers, which is the IT outsourcing service of Suntech IT First Station, will make full use of the combinations of domain service functions and corporate application management, so as to enhance IT management mechanism, improve IT network performance and reliability, reduce IT failure rate and increase enterprises' production.
Basic elaboration:

• A Microsoft Windows Server TM 2003 based server which will provide network and directory services.

• Single Active Directory domain and forest base structure
Centralized management of user names, passwords and client computers; Active directory based unified verification and authorized access of all the network resources including shared directory and shared print etc.

• Only users authorized with active directory can do privileged operations including software installation. The authority allocation and management of all users shall be controlled by Active Directory domain administrators in a centralized way.

• Domain level group strategy, which is suitable for security in the scope of mandatory domain.
The security strategy in Active Directory domain can be applied to all users and added to the computers in Active Directory.
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