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IT Safety Application Training

Each staff shall be familiar with certain IT safety practices.
Nowadays, the safety status of most companies is not so acceptable and one the major causes is that corporate staff lack of vigilance, which refers to some unintentional poor on-line or computer operation habits. First of all, the staff shall understand, in terms of conception, the differences between home computer network and business network application. Enterprises shall provide active education for the staff and make them realize that good IT safety application behaviour is critical to IT safety and risk management.
If an enterprise can advocate network safety culture to its staff and constantly provide network safety instruction and training and all the staff will have good sense of IT safety application so that IT fault rate will be reduced and working efficiency will be increased and the operation cost of the enterprise will be greatly reduced in a hidden way, which is a big boost to the development and progress of the enterprise.

IT security application is a very deep professional field and the training for staff will be based on common IT application level.

Training Cycle

Initial comprehensive training 
Medium-term practical training 
Long-term targeted training

Training Registration

Please contact service hot line of IT First Station: 400 820 4416

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