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IT Fundamental Architecture Planning and Optimization Consultation

"IT First Station" can help simplify and optimize IT infrastructure environment and ensure the security and flexibility of the system so that the corporate value can be increased in a sustainable way.

I. Overview:

Information Technology has not been, since the time when it was born, an independent system but served as a strong information-based support system platform for the commercial operations of enterprises. Nowadays, in order to keep the competitiveness in commercial operations, enterprises need to rely on IT information system to manage daily business and a large amount of business data and information which serve as a foundation for business development decisions of enterprises. Therefore, how to make good IT fundamental architecture planning matters not only in the mere technological level but also in the considerations of strategic level.


IT fundamental architecture planning differs from IT system planning: IT system planning is only in the technological level which involves merely partial technologies including system, equipments etc; Compared to execution, IT fundamental architecture planning focuses, in the architectural level, on how to realize and develop the integration of IT system and business with more considerations on the system standardization. IT system planning is being replaced by IT fundamental architecture planning.
IT system, in the strategic point of view, shall not only meet the current business development requirements but also provide essential support and expansion based on the innovation and development of the business. So, a good IT fundamental architecture planning is a very important link in the course of business development.

The scope of IT fundamental architecture planning is:

1. Server and network system
2. Storage system
3. System software
4. Middle ware system
5. Database system
6. Tool software
7. Application software ......
"IT First Station" can provide enterprises with a scientific IT architecture system and can realize IT deployment, in the shortest time possible, during the course of fast development and change; help enterprises to realize the virtualisation of critical IT components or resources and enhance the reliability and availability of IT fundamental architecture and optimize IT investment and control IT input cost in a better way. The consultation includes:


1. IT Strategy Planning:


We will define short-term and long-term IT demand based on corporate business and application demand so that an overall IT strategy and development route map can be formulated to support the sustainable development of the business.


2. Business IT Architecture

Based on an enterprise's short-term and long-term business goal and the analysis of application demand in future, combined with existing IT architecture and environment and defined IT strategy, we will design IT architecture and define related IT architecture functional demand and deployment planning.


3. IT Optimal Design:

Nowadays, with the increasingly complicated and competitive business environment, the IT system is becoming more spread and more difficult to manage. The goal of IT optimal design service is, by means of finding, designing and implementing those areas where improvements can be made, to help enterprises increase their business values invested in IT.


4. System Design:

The maintenance of system high availability can be found in many IT aspects including high availability management strategic target, application architecture, quality control, process control and security system etc. The design of comprehensive high availability system lies in these aspects and the key lies in the integrated management of all these aspects.


II. Values:


Integrate business strategy and IT, meeting short term and long term business demand

Combine with successful experiences from varied industries, providing one-stop comprehensive planning consultation and solution

Define the route map of  corporate business integrated with IT construction process and capital input

Maximize the supporting value of IT and corporate business integration, ensuring return of investment


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