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Custom Development of Office Software

With new process, method or service, we will provide you with more simplified and proper IT environment which can improve your business production efficiency.

IT First Station knows well that your enterprise is full of strategic visions and innovative ideas and all finished IT product or solution in the market cannot keep pace with your innovative ideas and steps. We will provide you with custom software development.

 IT First Station is specialized in the following technical fields:

Operation System: Linux, Solaris, AIX, SCO Unix, Windows/WindowsNT
Programming Language: C, C++, Delphi, Java etc.
Database: Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL, Apache+PHP,
Web Environment: IIS+ASP+COM, WebSphere JAVA+WebSphere/WebLogic
Network Programming: TCP/IP based Socket Multithreading Communication Programming

Products of customer development are:
IT operation and maintenance management platform
IT device assets management and inventory system
Customer business management system
Shopping Mall POS Data Collection System
Business E-commerce Platform
Exhibition and Exhibitors Management Platform
Duty-free Zone Property Internal Office Management System
Enterprise Website CMS System



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