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Enterprise Website Design, Development, Promotion and Optimization

 We can hear your heart voice. You hope to have a enterprise website which is professional, highly efficient and convenient.

With many years' experience in website construction and management, IT First Station will elaborately build a enterprise website in the following aspects:
1. All-in-one enterprise website solution which ranges from domain name registration, website space rental or host server trusteeship, prophase investigation and survey, website IC creative design, website system program development to post propaganda and promotion, operation, maintenance and surveillance etc.
2. Well directed survey and planning. With deep understanding of customers' industrial characteristics, combine with customers' own business model, we can provide you with comprehensive professional website planning.
3. We pay much attention to the high quality visual sense of webpage. Our experienced and first class designers will provide you with individualized design based on customers' corporate culture, industrial characteristics and target consumers.
4. The development of industrial particular system requirements. Our professional technical engineers will provide customers with practical and highly efficient website system based on their own demand and requirements.
5. We will bring the website performance into full play and fully support website promotion. We will also track website promotion effects in the whole process.
6. Keep long term maintenance services and provide customers with systematic training on the daily maintenance of websites etc.

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