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IT Human Resources Outsourcing (On-site)

The IT Human Resources Outsourcing Service provided by "IT First Station" will not help save your recruitment procedures and cost occurred in works related to IT human resources but also ensure a strong support and guarantee from a professional IT team in China.

I. Overview

Traditional IT human resources outsourcing, also called IT personnel accrediting service, based on customers' varied IT demand, ranges from computer desktop technical support, improvement of the entire network architecture to field service support by all kinds of IT engineers. The times can be 6 months or as long as several years, which will depend on customers' demand. The IT outsourcing service from IT First Station will analyze customers' internal IT demand cycle which will be divided into several different stages and then provide one or more engineers to provide technical support.


II. Strength

Compared to recruiting full-time IT staff, IT human resources outsourcing service will provide you with the following value:
•Reduce recruitment management cost
•Ensure the stability of the personnel related to IT posts
•Get support of IT expert class and provide customers with technical analysis of IT fundamental infrastructure and applications
•During service, in case of any problems, you can get technical support and service from IT expert team
•Based on different stages in customers' demand cycle, we will send specialized engineers.



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