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IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Service

The value of "IT First Station" does not only lie in quick respond to your sudden IT problems in China, but also in preventing, reducing IT fault rate and increasing your working efficiency.

I .Overview

A service model dominated by regular patrol and examination and emergency response. Solve all the problems in customers' information system and maintain the normal operation of information system.


We will provide focused service based your customers' varied demand. It mainly includes: system hardware maintenance, system software maintenance, data and resources maintenance, virus protection and after-care service, network security and system upgrade etc.

II. IT Monthly-paid Service


The first phase is "Basic Survey"


During the initial period of cooperation, IT engineers will investigate all the network devices, computers, periphery devices and the usage of softwares and make a detailed record. This process enables the engineers to get necessary information at the first time when they visit your office and try to slove your problems in the future. The detailed work to do is as follows:

1.1 Build comprehensive device files including device number, purchase time, user, detailed hardware and software configuration;
1.2 Build a drivers base for each device based on the hardware configuration;
1.3 Build network maintenance file including network structure diagram and specific configuration adjustment instruction of network devices (switches, routers and servers);
1.4 Build software instruction manuals including the installation procedures of operation system and common softwares and the construction process and maintenance instruction of special softwares;
1.5 Build a label system which corresponds to device numbers one by one, avoiding chaos in management caused by personnel change;
1.6 Register special devices and build related FAQ file.


After "Device Survey Phase" is over, engineers will submit related file list which includes:
Comprehensive device file
Driver disk
Maintenance file


The second phase is "Solution Formulation"


This phase can be easily ignored by most companies. IT management in most enterprises is low leveled and out of order. In many companies, after basic network is built, although they can use basic network application services such as document sharing, broadband access sharing and printer sharing, IT device fault and network fault occur very frequently because people do not pay attention to network security, data backup, authority management and good operation regulations, as a result working efficiency is severely affected. The reasons can be network management is not professional and do not have an overall view towards network architecture. Therefore, they often have to deal with problems resulting from accidents and cannot prevent accidents from happening beforehand. In this phase, we will formulate highly-efficient network operation solutions based on enterprises' business demand and device situation, realizing pro-activeness. The detailed work to do is as follows:

1.1 Build authority management strategy, group the staff and allocate different access authority for different groups;
1.2 Build unified anti-virus system;
1.3 Build data backup and recovery system;
1.4 Build quick recovery system; 


After "Solution Formulation' is over, engineers will submit Local Area Network Management Scheme which includes:


Current situation analysis and hidden trouble analysis
Specific improvement plan
The third phase is "Field Service"


We will, based on enterprises' specific demand, define proper response time and response service model. Enterprises can outsource proper services according to business demand and financial budget. We will be fully committed to related service time and quality and erase your worries radically.



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